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The case of Adei Ad

In 1998 an old bus was placed on a hill in the Shilo Valley and the outpost of Adei Ad was born. This website, which is based on “The Road to Dispossession”, a Yesh Din report, shows how, with the assistance of the Israeli authorities (through act and omission), the establishment of the outpost led to the expropriation of land belonging to the residents of the adjacent Palestinian villages.
Adei Ad is one of over a hundred outposts in the West Bank. The events described here are typical of the method used – The Road to Dispossession

The purpose of this site is to provide a graphic illustration of the full report and a summary of its content in headline form. Naturally, this type of site cannot present all of the data and analyses on which the information is based. To examine the complete set of data and analyses, and to understand the whole picture and basis of the report’s conclusions, please see the full report, available on this site.

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